For a better and happy experience, we have the best data packs to explore from. Depending on the top up amount and desired validity, you can choose from one of our best prepaid recharge plans. Why step out when you can always top-up your talktime from the convenience of your home. Visit our website for an instant and easy phone recharge. After being in Germany for 16 months, I am transferred by my company to China. Vodafone refuses to terminate the contract early – even when providing a letter from the employer stating about the transfer. I had bad experiences, and many friends complained about it too. They do not inform you correctly about the prices, it is close to impossible to end a contract, and the customer service is terrible. Da immer wieder neue Prepaid-Discounter auf den Markt kommen oder lang­jhrige Marken verschwinden, haben wir eine ber­sicht der derzeit aktu­ellen Discount-Anbieter erstellt und diese nach Netz sortiert. Poten­zielle Neukunden wollen natr­lich wissen, welches Mobil­funk­netz hinter welchem Prepaid-Discounter steckt und mit welchen tech­nischen Leis­tungs­umfang sie rechnen knnen, beispiels­weise, ob LTE nutzbar ist oder nicht. Mobil­funk-Discounter-Ange­bote gibt es in allen Netzen, also im Netz der Telekom (frher T-Mobile oder D1), von Voda­fone (frher D2) und Telefnica (o2). Nicht alle Discounter geben ihren Kunden LTE frei, teil­weise mssen spezi­elle “Speed”-Optionen gebucht werden.

Nheres verrt der gewhlte Anbieter. My contract was about to end. I get a call from one of them, and they ask me about whether I want to extend my contract. I explicitly said NO, I do not want to, as I am not going to remain in Germany for much longer and I’m not interested. The same day I get a notification that my contract has been extended (!). Guess what – for any inquiries I had to call a number that is different from a regular call center. So I do, and there nobody wants to speak English all of a sudden (even though previously I was told that they do have people responsible for this kind of communication). One of my friends called and finally we sorted the issue, where he said that the contract will be cancelled. bersicht: Prepaid-Discounter nach Handy-Netzen Bei Lyca­mobile handelt es sich um einen virtu­ellen Netz­betreiber, welcher das Mobil­funk­netz von Voda­fone nutzt und sich dafr von Voda­fone die Vorwahl 01521 “ausge­liehen” hat. Lyca­mobile betreibt ein eigenes Vermitt­lungs­netz. Anrufe zu 01521 (bzw. +49 1521) werden auch fr Voda­fone-Kunden wie Anrufe zu einem “fremden” Netz behan­delt, sofern man keine Flat­rate in alle Netze hat.

Kunden von Lyca­mobile knnen inzwi­schen auch LTE (4G) verwenden. Haupt­ziel­gruppe von Lyca­mobile ist die Ethno-Szene, darunter versteht man Menschen mit starken Bindungen ins (meist auer­euro­pische) Ausland, wo “normale” Tarife unbe­zahlbar teuer wren. I’m currently in Frankfurt and my EE contract is using TDG (whoever that actually is). If you were good enough to go through your anmeldung and open a bank account before, you are then able to sign for a contract at one of the following German mobile phone contract providers. I have selected what I think is the fairest plan but feel to explore. I have had exceptionally bad experiences with mobilcom. I took mobilcom as a mobile carrier in 2012. Ater two years I started having serious problems with connection. Now that I recall, I dont know if the internet ever worked properly. I could not get online, which was the whole point of me being their customer. I tried to seek help from their shop in Bad Homburg. The shop said they could not help, the reason being, I guess they only sell new contracts.

I decided to terminate the contract as the connection simply did not work. This was done in the same Bad Homburg shop. I even went back to their shop to doublecheck the termination was done as I still saw some mail from mobilcom.